Why HSTA believes in professional development

Hawaii State Teachers Association teachers are deeply committed to every student’s success.  We want all students to achieve their full potential as individuals and become productive citizens who make positive contributions to society.

We believe that educators provide the stable, nurturing, inspiring environment that makes it possible to teach each student and provide individual attention to each student’s learning needs.  To this end, we work to ensure that every student has a qualified, caring educator.

We believe that we must change the way educators are recruited, trained, evaluated, supported, and held accountable.  We believe we must raise the bar for what it means to be a quality educator by focusing on preparing new educators for the classroom, attracting and retaining educators, providing continuous, high quality professional development for all educators, and promoting effective teachers and quality educators.

We believe that HSTA is one key to achieving these core areas of professional excellence.  Through expanding your learning opportunities, you will ensure that all students in Hawaii’s public schools have the benefit of qualified, caring, committed educators throughout their school years.

How do I set up my account?

You need to create an HSTA PD account to register for courses and save your transcripts.

Step 1:  Do you have an HSTA Membership?

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Step 2:  Do you have an account on the HSTA PD Website?

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HSTA PD Member Benefits

High Quality

HSTA members have access to professional development courses across Hawaii. These opportunities include face-to-face, online and hybrid course offerings.

Low Cost

As a benefit of membership, HSTA course fees continue to remain extremely competitive.


HSTA’s professional development courses are a great way for educators to network with one another and share ideas.

Registration Required

Thank you for your interest in taking a PD course through HSTA.  Currently, we do not know if there will be additional ESL courses added to our list.  The availability of the courses depends on having an instructor who is willing to give their time to support the course.

If you do not see the course that you wanted to register for, it means that it is already full and you will need to look at the next available course.  Please do not email and ask if we can move you to a different course, you must email and ask to be removed from the roster and have your deposit refunded (if it is within the course withdrawal timeline).  You will then need to follow the waitlist and deposit steps for the new course.

We appreciate the need for these courses and are working to secure additional sections as soon as we can.

To register for a course an account must be created.  This is a different account that the one used for


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