Cancellations & Refunds Policy

To withdraw from a course and keep the option of signing up for the course at a later date, you must cancel within seven (7) days of the stated course start date.

Participants must request in writing to be removed from the course.

  • If there is a waitlist for the course, participants forfeit their deposit but will be removed from the roster.
  • If there is no waitlist for the course, participants will receive their deposit and be removed from the roster.


To withdraw, please do one of the following no later than seven (7) calendar days PRIOR to the official start date of your course:

  1. If you CREATED an account on upon registering for your course, please log in to your account and request cancellation.
  2. If you DID NOT create an account on, please use the “Contact Us” section of the website to email HSTA directly with your cancellation request. Please make sure to include your course name, PDE3 section number and start date of your course in your message.


The following exceptions have been approved by HSTA for the participant to receive a full refund of their course deposit after the course has started:

Called to active military duty via enlistment, activation, or deployment.

  • Provide a copy of the military orders that indicates an effective date and is signed by the commanding officer.


Illness of the participant or immediate family of the participant. Immediate family includes a child, parent, spouse, or other regular member of the individual’s household.

  • Certification must be provided by the participant/family member’s physician stating that the participant/family member’s illness requires the participant’s withdrawal. Physician’s note must be on professional stationary, specify dates of treatment, and clearly indicate that illness made it impossible for the participant to continue classes.


Death of the participant or immediate family of the participant.

  • Provide a death certificate, notice, newspaper article, or funeral program. If immediate family, indicate the relationship to the participant.

Registration Required

Thank you for your interest in taking a PD course through HSTA.  Currently, we do not know if there will be additional ESL courses added to our list.  The availability of the courses depends on having an instructor who is willing to give their time to support the course.

If you do not see the course that you wanted to register for, it means that it is already full and you will need to look at the next available course.  Please do not email and ask if we can move you to a different course, you must email and ask to be removed from the roster and have your deposit refunded (if it is within the course withdrawal timeline).  You will then need to follow the waitlist and deposit steps for the new course.

We appreciate the need for these courses and are working to secure additional sections as soon as we can.

To register for a course an account must be created.  This is a different account that the one used for


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